Ultrasound Technology

What’s behind the ISONO Language and Mental Training System?

It’s a development that brings people to a place they have long been distanced from in our chaotic and demanding world: inside ourselves.

Ultrasound technology is based on a discovery that was made at the start of the last century: man can hear ultrasound just like dolphins and bats, just not with his ears. Sadly, this ability (which is much more pronounced in the embryo) becomes stunted with birth. Hearing via the ears is now the main way we perceive the world, although we can still perceive ultrasonic waves through our equilibrium organ, the sacculus, a circumstance that is also used in dolphin therapy.

The main attraction of the discovery, however, is the fact that the information transmitted by ultrasound and received by the equilibrium organ ends up in the memory via the acoustic nerve. The information passes our consciousness through ultrasound and is stored directly in the long-term memory.

You can use our ISONO Language and Mental Training System either on relaxation or concentration mode.
Max Planck said: "Everything is a vibration and its effect. In actuality, no physical matter can exist. All the physical matters are composed of vibration." It therefore seems logical that the body’s own vibrations can be strengthened and stimulated in a positive way.

The system also uses a soft rustling noise. Although hardly perceptible, it can have highly astonishing effects by putting our brain in a “wellbeing mode”. Incidentally, hearing aids also use this technique