Winning is in the mind... and so is losing

Sport is one of the fields where people hit their limits quickly and obviously – all through mental weakness and ingrained negative programming. That’s why competitive sport has for many years been almost synonymous with mental coaching: the German football squad undergoes mental coaching just as golf pros or high-performance swimmers do – because only those with great mental strength are in the best position to perform to the highest level at the right moment. Mental training has therefore become a considerable factor in deciding the difference between victory and defeat.  Concentration, self-confidence and composure: that’s the recipe for victory. In a competition we sense that our body can only work to the best of its potential if the mind allows it. Using the ISONO Mental Training System will help you learn to apply your mental powers specifically and effectively for personal success. The ISONO Mental Training System gives you the opportunity to coach yourself mentally at any time – regardless of what you’re doing.

Even in sleep!

Give yourself some highly efficient support:

  • to improve your ability to focus
  • to accelerate your sporting learning processes and movements
  • to overcome learning blockages
  • to increase your motivation through strong goal orientation

Be the top when it comes to the crunch!

It doesn’t matter what type of sport it is – ISONO Mental Training is suitable for individual and team sports such as golf, tennis or biathlon, as well as football, handball or volleyball.

Success starts in the mind …

Mental training allows you to challenge specific performance obstacles and the fear of failure, motivate yourself, mentally practise motion sequences or commit your team to achieve mutual goals. Special affirmations – targeted positive messages transmitted to your sub-consciousness – can also be tailored to your personal requirements, thus enabling you to surmount old performance barriers. Use the ISONO Mental Training System for your success. How can you improve concentration, creativity and relaxation consistently and continually? Just train at the office, in your car or even when shopping. Prepare yourself mentally without having to spend any extra time on the process – the perfect way to be optimally prepared for training or competition: relaxed and highly focussed.