Learn in your sleep – just a vision or already reality?

Knowing a foreign language has become an essential factor in moving up the career ladder. The continuing internationalisation of companies requires a certain mastery of English that goes beyond what was learnt at school.
Not only that, but globe-trotters (perhaps with a holiday home in Italy or Spain, for example) who decide to learn the language of the country for personal reasons will enrich their life: they are immersed in the culture of the foreign country, forge new acquaintances and thus broaden their horizons. However, for many people it is difficult to find their feet again in a foreign language after a long break away from studying, let alone learn a new language from scratch. The ISONO Language and Mental Trainer offers a novel and highly innovative method to integrate language learning very rapidly and easily into everyday life – with the minimal time spent.

Born to talk

Learning a language like a child learning his native tongue? It’s possible with the ISONO Language and Mental Trainer!

Did you know that up to 80% of all learning is based on imitation? Imitation is the most natural form of learning and thus also the easiest. We learn words exclusively in context and not in isolation as we have up to now (e.g. Tisch = table). Get to grips with the grammar of the foreign language just as intuitively and "in the background" as a child learns the grammar of his mother language. Familiarise yourself subconsciously with the linguistic melody and thus develop your feeling for the language.

Think back to your childhood. Even back then you only learned words in context e.g. when your mother pointed to a table and said: "This is a table". Since then the word "table" has been firmly associated with the image of a table in your brain.

Nor did we learn vocabulary by heart, or practise irregular verbs; instead we learned intuitively by listening and mimicking. This is only possible because the ability to acquire language in someone’s brain is “pre-structured” from birth. You naturally use the correct grammar without even having read up on a single grammar rule – instinctively you know what sounds right.

It is precisely this innate ability to recognise structures gradually in a stream of sounds and filter out words that makes the ISONO Language System useful. Silently absorb words and sentences that cover the basic vocabulary and grammar of a native speaker. Each passive repetition deepens the knowledge acquired without you even knowing it, and you will become accustomed to the language rhythms and melody. Rules and vocabulary do not become an issue.

The ISONO Language Training System allows you to go on a journey of language at any time.  The more frequently you surround yourself with the language, “immerse” yourself in it, the quicker you will internalise your desired language. And in the end you will learn it as quickly as if you live in the target country.

In this, ISONO Language Training comes very close to the natural methods of childhood language acquisition. You will learn your second or third language just as you learned your mother tongue – by immersing yourself in the world of language. This process is called “priming” in psychology and can take place at any time: at work, while driving – even in your sleep.

Spit it out!

After the priming phase, you start to activate the knowledge stored in the brain: with intuitive language power coaching, the zones of the brain are linked by conscious practice that helps you master the language in question. Different learning methods open the foreign language channel and anchor the ISONO information, thus enabling you to experience a new dimension of language acquisition!

Fun and free of pressure, you will be introduced to the foreign language in a small group. Lose your shyness and use the new language in a fun, entertaining way.

Get rid of your self-imposed barriers and get rid of the idea that you have no gift for languages!

The texts included in the intuitive language power programme have been spoken exclusively by native speakers, since good models will guarantee that your speech will later be accent-free.

We are also happy to offer you individual or company language training programmes – please feel free to ask. The following languages are currently available: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Further programmes are being developed