How to Use

Balancing the two halves of the brain

The left and right halves of the brain complement each other: the left stands for logic, analytical and linear thinking while the right side represents imagination, intuition and emotion.

Nobel Prize winner Prof. Roger Prerry was able to prove that the more intensively the person uses both sides of the brain, the more the development of one side benefits the other. It was also ascertained that using the different function areas of the brain increased the entire memory capacity.

Just imagine what it would be like to synchronise both halves of the brain to realise your full potential!

Learning in the alpha state

In the 1960s, Bulgarian psychologist Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov discovered that people in a relaxed state are able to store large amounts of knowledge. This is called the alpha state, because it is characterised by the emergence of slow alpha brain waves – meaning that the body is relaxed but the mind is still alert. Lozanov was able to show fantastic learning triumphs in a scientific test.

Stress and tension affect the transmission of nerve impulses during the learning process and lead to blockages. If a person is learning in a relaxed state, information can flow unhindered and is thus anchored more easily in the mind.

The method quickly made a name for itself, and is now also known as "super learning" or “alpha learning”. However, a disadvantage of this technique is that one can only reach this state through complete relaxation and meditation.

So what if you had the opportunity to achieve this wonderful state of focussed relaxation easily, effectively and without even realising it?

How does the ISONO Language and Mental Training System work?

The ISONO is a very handy lifestyle device. The ultrasound signals are passed through the skin by means of two sound generators, so your ears won’t hear a thing! The ISONO Language and Mental Training System can be used at any time and for as long as you like – even in your sleep. If you want, you can hear very soft relaxing rustling noises, babbling brooks or birdsong, but any other information is subliminal and not consciously perceived. Continual exposure to positive affirmations, for example, can quickly show astonishing results.

Wouldn’t it be great if you and your children were more relaxed, calmer but also more focussed and able to work more easily?!